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Personal Training 12 sessions – $900


12 Personal Training sessions, tailored to you as always. This package is for you if you are concerned that you may not learn everything you need to move forward on your own in the minimum of 6 sessions. Indeed, there is more to understand than you may think, and it can be a difficult discipline to teach your body to move well. Moreover, the accountability of coming to a professional often is valuable, and if you wish to extend that value past 6 sessions, this package is the next go-to.

Personal Training 24 Sessions – $1,560


24 Personal Training sessions is what you buy when you already know you want the expertise, education, and accountability of a trusted professional as a routine that you are willing to pay for on the regular. You value your health, you realize that regularly scheduled workouts will keep you on top of it, and you know that this is far less expensive – in currency, in time, and in the ability to enjoy your life – than obesity, dysfunction, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. This is the best value package for personal training.

Personal Training 6 sessions


6 Personal Training sessions – tailored to you, your schedule, your goals, and your capacity. This package is for you if you want to gain the advantage of working with an educated personal trainer, learn everything you can in as few sessions as possible, then take the program I lay out for you and run with it. If you can only do 6 sessions, I will make them count – I will make sure you know how to move so you don’t injure yourself, and I will organize a program that you can repeat on autopilot for as long as you like.